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Hello my name is Alice Bishop, I had been working at a dead end job as a supervisor for security officers for a long time. One day, I had an epiphany and decided to go back to school after being out of school...

Studying at MacCormac was a very supportive experience and everyone was very helpful. My classmates and I had a lot of fun studying together; we learnt a lot and were a very bonded group. My driving force to succeed was my daughter. At the time I attended MacCormac, my daughter was just a few months old. I wanted to provide her...

I loved my time at MacCormac! MC's small size is its best asset as professors can get to know their students personally MacCormac is like a family. Whenever I come through the doors, I am always greeted warmly and I always enter and leave with a smile.

Generations College has been an incredible turning point in my life - a life that has been particularly fraught with unavoidable hardship and trauma.

A little over two years ago, I was pursuing a degree in elementary education with a minor in English at the University of Wisconsin-Oshkosh.  One week before I was supposed to move back to Oshkosh after summer break, I made a last-minute decision to change the path I was on and start a new journey in court reporting.  It was a “spur of

I am now employed with one of the world's finest, very prestigious, reputable companies that are well-known nationwide. I ...

MacCormac College provided me with the foundation needed for my continuing education and a career as an Employment Law & Corporate Finance Paralegal at Conagra Brands, Inc.

My biggest accomplishment from MacCormac College was finding myself again (domestic abuse survivor), and being able to excel and transcend in what I once thought I could never achieve.

Brianna Ulhman MacCormac College Court Reporting Student

The administration and faculty are really dedicated to helping the students achieve their goals. They are willing to put in extra time for you. My classmates are really supportive as well. I love it here...

I am a 1976 graduate of the Court Reporting Program, a fantastic program with knowledgeable and experienced teachers that prepared me well for this career. I have worked for some of the biggest and best agencies in the city and country and have been involved in groundbreaking cases with the top attorneys in the country.

Kathy Cortopassi graduated in 1984 from MacCormac College with her degree in Court Reporting. Kathy started off as a court reporter, but further honed her skillset to work as a captioner and CART (Communication Access Realtime Translation) provider.

While at MacCormac, Charles Dowden took night classes in Business Administration and worked full-time during the day. The flexibility of the course scheduling at MacCormac allowed him to continue working while enrolled. Because of his excellent academic performance while at MacCormac, he was inducted into the Phi Theta Kappa...

I have a family member who went to MacCormac and she talked a lot about how she enjoyed the school and the program, so I came to check it out. I enjoy MC because it is a small environment and the instructors are really informative in how they bring real-world experiences into the classroom.

I chose to study Paralegal Studies at MacCormac because the program is approved by the American Bar Association, it has been around a long time, and I heard a lot of good things about it. A former student recommended the school to me.

The faculty and staff at MacCormac are passionate about teaching. They nurture you and want to help you to become someone better in life. I love this college and I like being downtown.

MacCormac provided a solid education and continuing support many years after graduation to give me the confidence to take the chance to try new ways of applying court reporting skills.

I have worked for 35 years in the paralegal field. Five years ago, I finally got my degree professionally framed. Thank you for giving me this career that helped me raise two kids, buy a home and be active in a field I love.

MacCormac is not hard to find - you can take the bus or two trains – if doesn’t make a difference because we are right here in the middle of the Loop. It is small so you know everybody at the College.

MacCormac is a very positive environment; all the teachers and staff want the students to succeed. It is always helpful when your teachers are available anytime you need them.

MacCormac College not only prepared me for my career in court reporting but also gave me a great background in business to ensure my success. The teachers and administration at MacCormac College are very knowledgeable and helpful. They always gave encouragement and support when I needed it.

What I enjoyed the most was that the professors actually had experience in their field and I found that to be extremely valuable. They were able to teach from the textbooks and bring in their own experience that would allow me to better understand the material.

I came to MacCormac College because it’s the first court reporting college in the nation. The reputation is huge. It is known as the Harvard of court reporting colleges so it was a no-brainer for me to come here.

The court reporting professors are very, very knowledgeable not only about the actual skill on the machine but the behind-the- scenes aspects of the job as well. They are giving us a very well-rounded education for what we are going to need once we are done with school.

When I came to MacCormac I loved it immediately. The staff members are amazing, and I knew that I would get the help I needed. The teachers care and the class sizes are small, so no one gets left behind.

MacCormac is in a good location downtown. I’m originally from down south and have always wanted to live in Chicago. I like that MacCormac is small, so the teachers are really attentive.