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Briggette Hudson

Paralegal Studies '21

My name is Briggette Hudson, I was born and raised on the south side of Chicago, IL. I was the youngest child of 6 siblings and my parents, Leroy and Lillie Dunlap were average middle-class citizens who worked hard to achieve their American Dream. Their goal was to become financially stable and reap the perks and benefits that came along with it, you know like owning your own home and car with a secured saving account for a rainy day.

I have been married for 35 years. My husband and I have 4 adult sons. At a very early age, I dreamed of becoming successful (to me success is not determined by your financial worth, but by the lives, you touch and inspire) I knew it wouldn't happen overnight. My ticket to success would rely totally on my education. I have always had a strong desire to earn my degree and become more knowledgeable, skillful, and extremely marketable in today's society. I am inspired to become an innovator or a trailblazer within my chosen career path. Today I have a choice in my career path and my degree has earned me that privilege. Earlier in life, I wasn't quite focused, I didn't know how to accomplish the goals that I had set for myself, but I knew in order to become successful in life, I had to dream big so it started with a dream that turned into a vision that is now my reality. In 2011, I joined the Cara Chicago (today I am an alumnus of the Cara) which allowed me the privilege to stand tall and firm on the shoulders of the giants who paved the way before me. Cara Chicago is where my life was ultimately transformed. They provided me with all of the valuable tools that would be required throughout life's journey, they taught me not only how to get a job but how to keep a job.

Shortly afterward I became employed at The Housing Authority of Cook County (section 8) for over 8 solid years. I knew If I wanted more out of life, I had no other choice than to return to school to gain more knowledge. I had to work extremely harder than the average student because I am now a more mature adult, I still had aspirations, determination, and willpower to succeed. I could almost taste the passion for becoming successful. I had larger dreams and more mountains to climb which led me to the greatest decision of my life, returning back to College to earn my Associate's Degree and achieve my lifelong dream of becoming a Paralegal.

In August 2021, I accomplished my goal and earned my Associate's Degree at Generations College. I worked full-time during the day and attend classes full-time in the evenings after work for 2 years straight, even during the pandemic. It wasn't easy, I got very discouraged at times, but I prayed diligently for God to place me on higher grounds, I was on a mission. Today, I am so deeply honored, Glory be to God my prayers have been answered. I am now employed with one of the world's finest, very prestigious, reputable companies that are well-known nationwide. I plan to earn more degrees, elevating my career status to even greater heights. Thank you all at Generations College, who believed in me and guided my path to achieving my goal, and now when I look back over my life, I realize I am not only successful but am blessed and highly favored as well. Stay tuned, I'm not finished yet. My next achievement is to become a motivational speaker nationwide and to write my own memoir!