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Student Complaint Procedure

Online students are able to follow the same procedure as on-campus students if a grievance with the College arises. The actual procedure will depend on the nature of the complaint, as described below:

  1. Academic Grievances: Student complaints regarding having been treated unfairly because the College has failed to follow its own rules; has been the subject of an adverse action, or has received suspension or dismissal resulting from the application of any policy, procedure, or academic standard of the College should follow the procedure outlined in the Generations College Academic Catalog.
  2. Sexual Harassment: Generations College will not tolerate acts of sexual harassment by employees, supervisors, managers, or students as they are prohibited practices and will be subject to disciplinary measures. For the sexual harassment policy, reporting procedures, and for more information regarding sexual harassment laws and policies please click here.
  3. Financial Disputes: Questions or concerns regarding students’ tuition and fees or financial aid should be resolved by contacting either the Registrar or Director of Financial Aid.

State of Illinois and HLC Complaint Procedure

Generations College, as a participant in Title IV Federal Financial Aid under the Higher Education Act of 1965, as amended, is required to direct students to the Illinois Board of Higher Education for assistance with unresolved complaints. Upon request, Generations College must also make available to students or prospective students a copy of the documents describing the institution’s accreditation and state authorization. 

Students may file a complaint that was not resolved through the student complaint procedure outlined above with the Illinois Board of Higher Education (IBHE) by accessing the IBHE online complaint system at

Complaint Resolution Process for SARA States

Under the State Authorization and Reciprocity Agreement (SARA)  participating states have agreed to allow their SARA state portal agency to investigate and resolve any complaints that have not been resolved through an institution's own procedures (as outlined above) for resolution of grievances. The SARA Complaint Resolution Process is taken directly from Section 4.2 of the NC-SARA State Authorization Reciprocity Agreements Policies and Standards.

NCRA Complaint Procedure For Court Reporting Students

Complaints must be handled in the following manner:

  1. The student must file the complaint in compliance with the institution's published grievance procedure.
  2. If the final written decision of the institution is deemed unsatisfactory by the student, then the student must file an NCRA Complaint Form. The NCRA Complaint Form must be accompanied by the final written decision of the institution.
  3. The NCRA Complaint Form will be submitted to CASE for consideration. If it appears that the General Requirements and Minimum Standards have been violated, CASE will discuss the seriousness of the alleged violation and determine whether any further action is necessary or indicated. Repeated complaints may result in a CASE visitation at the institution's expense.