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Entrepreneurial Studies Major

Associate of Science Degree

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Entrepreneurial Studies Mission Statement:

The mission of the Entrepreneurial Studies Associate of Science degree program is to provide an application-based curriculum for students who have intentions to start a small business, expand a family business, develop new ideas within an established corporation (intrapreneurship), or continue their education at an accredited four-year institution.

Entrepreneurial Studies Vision Statement:

To be recognized as a transformational leader in offering an accredited two-year program in entrepreneurial studies.

Entrepreneurial Studies Goals:

  • Assist students in the exploration of entrepreneurship as a viable career option.
  • Move theory to practice by example and practical application of skill sets needed to translate students' specific career-focus into creative entrepreneurial expression.
  • Create an environment conducive to innovative thought and entrepreneurial creativity.
  • Cultivate the understanding of critical decision-making tools needed for the creation of a small business.
  • Prepare students to produce a workable/executable business plan.
  • Increase knowledge and understanding of the importance of small business in America today specifically as related to job creation and economic development

Entrepreneurial Studies Learning Outcomes:

  • Communicate effectively in business environments
  • Utilize relevant business software and online business resources
  • Develop and critique a business plan
  • Understand financing options for entrepreneurial ventures
  • Apply each required course’s theory to real world scenarios
  • Review the relevance of social media within the business context
  • Analyze internal and external business reports, e.g., income and cash flow statements of financial statements
  • Identify, analyze and evaluate common and competing interests of business stakeholders including customers, suppliers, business owners, investors and global markets

Program outline is available here.

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